Awards and its Purpose

Awards are very important in one’s  life,because it makes a person feel important and motivated. The desire to feel important is one of the greatest craving in most human beings. It can be great motivator. One of the deepest desires of human beings is the desire to be appreciated. Enthusiasm and desire are what change mediocrity to excellence. Water turns into steam with a difference of only state of matter at the same temperature and steam can move some of the biggest engines in the world. That is what enthusiasm & motivation helps us to do in our lives.

Academic Awards

1. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prizes are awarded to the first three positions in the class.
2. Award for excellent academic performance.
3. Badge of honor is awarded to the topper among all the section of a class.
4. Blazer is awarded to a student who gets badge of honour for the three consecutive years.
5. Best attendance award is given to students who have 100% attendence for the academic session.
6.Cash prize of Rs 2100 is awarded to the toppers of class X and XII.

Recognition of talent scholastic badges

Academic awards are conferred on talented students from class VI onwards based on the following criteria:

Class VI to IX

1. An aggregate of 80% and above (A2)

2. Minimum 70% in each subject(B1)

3. At least 80% in three subjects.

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