Adventure Camp

KDB Public School organized Adventure on 19thDecember 2015 for the students of class IIIto V.

The day started with a warm welcome given to the organizers and the students by the school. The students were divided in several groups and were assigned multiple activities like wall climbing, river crossing, swinging ladder, Burma Bridge and commando crawl to name a few.Scaling down a 50 feet high wall in Rapling activity had some of the students in jitters but later they became more confident.They also learnt the technique of crossing river through ‘flying fox’. Climbing ladder and climbing wall further tested their stamina & strength. They were bubbling with energy, enthusiasm and had a rare sense of achievement.

The presence of Principal Mrs. NiveditaRana and Vice Principal Mrs. Namrata Dubey motivated the students to be more confident and adventurous. Safety was one of the prime concerns of everyone.The day was full of fun, adventure games and activities. The students were excited & happy. They learnt valuable lessons of life and were given instructions regarding safety & security. They were also provided with healthy & nutritious snacks& lunch.

The memories of the camp will be cherished for a life time by the students.

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