District science club has planned a three days programme to inculcate scientific values and temperament among the young students under the title Bal Vigan Mahotasav with the specific aim of conservation of Water and Optimum use of Water Resources. KDB School has the priviledge to host the programme with the august presence of madam Pooja Yadav – coordinator, Joint Director, Science & Technology, madam Premlata Mallik, School Principal Mrs. Nivedita Rana, school director Mrs. Bimla Saini, officials from District Science Club and many associated with the field of science and learning.

The opening ceremony was conducted in the host school on 30 January 2017 in which the formal beginning of the programme was done by madam Pooja Yadav and other dignitaries by lightining the lamp followed  by a welcome song. The principal of the school , in her speech expressed her elation seeing the young learners’ desre and dedication to move forth on the path of discovery and invention. Day one saw the plethora of activities including science model presentation, debates, presentation of clippings from newspapers, life sketches of scientists and many more.

February 1st 2017 – the day devoted to Maa Saraswati with specific title Basant Panchami – shall be remembered for ages as on this day the Closing Ceremony of three days long Bal Vigyan Mahotsav – 2017 took place in the premises of its host school K.D.B.Public School Ghaziabad. The ceremony had the honour to see the Chief Guest D.M. Ghaziabad madam Nidhi Kesarwani along with Dr. Devendra Shah Ji, Regional Officer Science & Technology, Dr. Mahesh Verma ji & Dr. Vivek Sudershan ji, District co-ordinator Science club of Hapur and Ghaziabad. The show also had many dignitaries including Principal K.D.B.Public School Mrs. Nivedita Rana, Director Mrs. Bimla Saini & Vice-Principal Mrs. Namrata Dubey. Teachers and participants of more than 80 schools.

District Science Club Ghaziabad and Council for Science and Technology, U.P. had organized a Science Fest – Bal Vigyan Mahotsav in K.D.B.Public School Ghaziabad from 13th Jan. 2017 to 1st Feb. 2017 with the specific objective to inculcate scientific temperament and outlook in the students of young generation. The purpose of the programme was to observe the notion of all round development through organizing various activities suitable for mental growth and curious nature of a child. The wonderful panorama of the show had a number of activities based on the theme “Water Conservation and optimum use of water resources”. These activities were divided into junior (VI-VIII) and Senior(IX-XII) categories where the idea of water conservation was very well emphasised.

The prize distribution was the major highlight of the closing ceremony followed by Saraswati Vandana and theme based song. The participation of around 1500 students from more than 70 schools of Ghaziabad and NCR region made this event a real success saga. It is noteworthy that the winners participating in around 30 activities from government and public schools had displayed their finest skills related to science and technology be it models, collages, posters, slogans, newspaper clippings, scientific experiments, presentations or poem recitation, drama, debate, speeches, essay writing, quiz or so on. The fair and final result was in favour of the deserving candidates and was appreciated by all.

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