Planning one’s career is not an easy task, especially after 12th when the competition is so stiff. This period in life is characterized by an overdose of career information and high parent expectation children are faced with a different task of choosing career based on academics, personality and desires. It becomes more difficult when there is mismatch in any of these attributes. Keeping all these in focus at KDB provides career counseling and guidance to the senior students. For this purpose we take help of different institutions and eminent counselors. We have a permanent practitioner counselor who time to time solves personal problems of students. Not only these, some senior teachers are also imparted training to counsel students so that they can handle the behavior of students during teaching hours and guide them best.

Carrier Guidence

To knock out all doubts that the students have in their minds when they are on the brink of choosing careers for themselves, a Career Guidance Centre has been set up in the school under the able guidance of the eminent career counselors and experts in the field. It holds workshops and lectures throughout the year to acquaint students with unlimited options in various fields.

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