I believe that each child is a unique individual and he must get a chance to develop in a holistic way to become an adult who is capable of making responsible decisions, who is able to participate productively in society as an active citizen and who is ready to accept the challenges of the rapidly changing global scenario. Children are designed to learn. The first few lessons with which a child’s mind need to be irrigated, are those which teach him how to know himself, to live and to learn the art of living well. What matters the most is that the child becomes better & wiser. We ought to aim at who understands the best rather than who understands  the most.  Merely to fill the memory, without any sense of understanding what is right and what  is wrong is pointless. Over emphasis on the purely intellectual pursuits will lead to the impairment of ethical values. An education policy with due focus  on global perspectives -to learn -to act-to share, coupled with a proper ethical culture is something our school aims at and has been achieving.

Mr. N. K. Bajaj
K.D.B. Public School, Ghaziabad

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