1. There is no formal examination in Nursery, K.G. & Prep.
  2. Grades will be awarded on the basis of continuous evaluation.
  1. Four Unit Tests will be taken during one academic year.
  2. While evaluating marks will be awarded and converted into grades.
  3. Three class tests will be taken for continuous evaluation of the child.
  4. Any child getting below D grade in more than one subject will be
    detained in the same class.

A1 (Outstanding)     A (Excellent)       B (Very Good)     C (Good)       D (Average)    E (Needs Attention)

  1. Continuous & Comprehensive Evolution (CCE) is followed which refers to a system of school based evaluation of student that covers all aspects of students’s development.
  2. It is a developmental  process of assessment which emphasizes on two-fold objectives. These objectives are continuity in evaluation and assessment of board based learning and behavioral outcomes as the other. The session is divided into two terms :
    • I Term – April to September
    • II Term – October to March
I Term Class  FA1  FA2  SA1
 April – September  VI – VIII
IX – X
40 Marks
40 Marks
40 Marks
40 Marks
90 Marks
90 Marks
II Term Class  FA3  FA4  SA2
 October – March  VI – VIII
IX – X
40 Marks
40 Marks
40 Marks
40 Marks
90 Marks
90 Marks
  1. I Term 10% FA1 + 10% FA2 + 30% SA1
  2. II Term 10% FA3 + 10% FA4 + 30% SA2
  3. Total Formative FA1 + FA2 + FA3 + FA4 = 40%
  4. Total Summative SA1 + SA2 = 60%

For Classes XI & XII

There will be three Unit Tests, Half Yearly Examination & Annual Examination.

  1. Unit Test I – 35 Marks
  2. Unit Test II – 35 Marks
  3. Unit Test III – 30 Marks
  4. Half Yearly Examination – 100 Marks
  5. Annual Examination – 100 Marks

In order to be promoted to the next class a student must secure minimum 40% marks in each subject as well as in aggregate. The weightage given to the tests & examinations are as follows :

  1. Unit Tests – 25%
  2. Half Yearly Examination – 25%
  3. Annual Examination – 50%

In subjects like work Experience & Environmental Science grades will be awarded on the basis of the marks obtained in written Exam.
Important Note :- In subjects with practical Exams, student must pass in both in theory and as well as in practical separately as per CBSE rule.




Unit Test 1st
35 Marks
Unit Test 2nd
35 Marks
Half yearly Examination
100 Marks
September – October
 Pre Board I  100 Marks  December
 Pre Board II  100 Marks  January

Students of class XII must pass in all the five subjects in their I & II unit test to become eligible for submission of their forms for the Board Examination.
A student must have by that time, the minium prescribed attendance of 80% per month. In case of poor performance in academics, shortage of attendance, the form will not be forwarded to the board. However, the forms of such students may be sent in December with late fee provided they make up their deficiency in academics or attendance, as the case may be. Students must pass in all their subjects in the Pre Board Examination I & II to be entitled to get ADMIT CARD for Board Examination.

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