Food Adulteration Activity

The FSSAI states that the dreams and aspirations of a nation are reflected in its children. Therefore it becomes the duty of the nation to ensure that the children’s eating habits are nurtured in a way that enhances their health. Food is a major determinant of health, nutritional status and productivity of the population. It is, therefore, essential that the food we consume is wholesome and safe but nowadays ‘Food adulteration’ has become a very common practice and we are consuming these foods almost every day, which have numerous harmful effects to our health.


With the rise in the consumption of adulterated food, it’s the need of the hour to sensitize young children about the importance of eating pure and healthy food.

Keeping the same thing in mind our school has run food safety awareness programmes for grades 6 to 11under which we have demonstrated some common tests to check the presence of food adulterants. Students have also showcased their talent by performing some doable food tests that can help them to detect adulteration in foods. The main objective of this activity is to create awareness about ‘Eating Safe’, and ‘Eating pure’ among school children and through them in the community at large.


We have chosen very basic food items from daily life for checking purity level. On 12th February 2021 for grade 7th students, our teachers have conducted adulterations tests for detection of mashed potatoes / sweet potatoes or any starch in ghee with the help of iodine, presence of artificial colour in turmeric, iodine in salt.


On 15th Feb 2021, teachers have shown the tests to class IX and detected the presence of detergent or water in milk, sugar in honey. Students have performed the same tests with the help of posters in different classes. Overall this was a fun session with a serious objective at hand- inculcating the habit of pure eating among students.

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