Academic and discipline go hand in hand and students need to train the mind and the body equally. To maintain discipline a group of students were selected in the Investiture Ceremony held on 7th September 2018 of the Senior Wing of KDB Public School for the academic session 2018-19. The learners underwent the entire election process right from the nomination to voting on ballot papers to appoint the school appointees. The students took an oath to accept the office of responsibility, trust and honour. School gave them an opportunity to prepare themselves for their disciplined bright future.


The programme was graced by Brig. S. P. Sinha, Group Commander N.C.C. Ghaziabad, Capt. Rashmi Rai Chaudhary and Subedar Major Bula Ram. The programme commenced with the presentation of bouquet to formally welcome the Chief Guest by the school Director Mrs. Bimla Saini. Morning prayer by the school choir was followed by the march past of the four houses of the school. The proud member striding confidently towards the stage was a spectacular sight to watch. After the presentation of sashes to the office bearers and pinning the badges by the Chief Guest alongwith the Director Mrs. Bimla Saini. The principal Mrs. Nivedita Rana and Vice Principal Mrs. Namrata Dubey. The oath was administered by the Head Boy Agrim Singh and the Head Girl Sanskriti Tiwari and sports Captain Himanshu Chaudhary.


10 other members which are supported by 48 prefects from different houses pledged themselves to uphold the honour and dignity of the school and to discharge their duties sincerely and honestly. It was a proud moment for the parents to see their children being given the responsibilities of the highest order. The Chief Guest Brig. S. P. Sinha addressed the students and motivated them to come up to the expectations of their teachers. The principal Mrs. Nivedita Rana deliver a motivational speech urging the team to have a clear conscience while in their line of duty. The vote of thanks was presented by the Principal Mrs. Nivedita Rana.



RAZZLE DAZZLE 2019 – an inter school competition will be held on 6th & 7th of September ,2019 as K. D. B. celebrates 69th year of its journey in education.


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