N.C.C focuses on inculcation of discipline and unity among the cadets and aims at overall grooming of the cadets in every field. There were some events held by the girls battalion under the guidance of A.N.O. (Associate NCC Officer) in and out of the school.

NCC aims at developing character discipline a different outlook, spirit of adventure and a feeling future of self less service amongst youngsters. NCC also aims at inculcating leadership qualities amongst youths and to make them competent to shoulder. Responsibilities in various walks of life and most importantly NCC aims at creating youth available for the service of nation.

  1. March past on Republic day
  2. Mini Marathon
  3. Visit of N.I.C. (National integration camp) camp in Savitri Bai Phoole Kanya Inter College
  4. Performance on Yoga Inter National Day in DPSG, Meerut Road, Ghaziabad
  5. A.T.C (Combined Annual Training Camp) held in Sunderdeep College and Savitri Bai Phoole Kanya Inter College.