Educational Set-Up: KDB Follows child-oriented methodology for all the methodology for all the classes specially for pre-primary wing. The Early Child Education concept along with integration of multiple intelligence brings out the best in the child. In primary classes special emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’ then on rote learning.

Education at all levels is viewed as acquisition of skills rather than bookish knowledge. The curriculum is based on imparting skills that can form the basis for a career later on. It is with this purpose in mind that activity such as art and craft, photography, music, dance, drama, gymnastics, yoga, mass display of fitness and learning of computers etc. are included in our curriculum. The initiatives in KDB school are not one sided rather they receive equal response from prestigious agencies from time to time. Odyssey of the mind – the prestigious educational program recognized the efforts and therefore has given the awards – ‘Odyssey of mind’ to the school including gold, silver and bronze medals. British Enterprise Challenge award ‘Kalakriti’ is training and polishing the learners in vocational skills making them the productive members of the society.

ATAL Tinkering Lab: Niti Ayog’s Atal Innovative Mission (AIM) has selected KDB public school for establishment of ATAL Tinkering Lab.


It is a step toward a new India. It will contain educational “do-it-yourself” kits and equipment on science, electronics, robotics, open source, microcontroller boards, sensors and 3-D printers etc.

Integration of Technology:


NIIT QuickSchool is an integrated and comprehensive educational resource planning solution that spans across all functional requirements and departments of the institution. The product aims to minimize the gap between parents and schools by empowering them with various techno savvy facilities and other real time data management which includes fees, examination, attendance, lesson plans etc. A unique login ID and password is given to all the parents / students on web-based applications to access information anytime, anywhere.


The school is equipped with modern science laboratories and activity labs. The school has technology networked library with a collection of usable volumes of books and E resources, for the students and teachers. The school library also provides access to printed maps and other data storage and E documents. Children are encouraged to be original, creative, analytical and expressive. Reading club develops reading skills and encourage students to be the future writers.


The school has fully equipped audio recording venues to meet the specific needs of various recording tasks including assessment of speaking and listening test for classes I to XII. Installation of smart boards has also brought about revolutionary change and teaching learning environment. All the classrooms, laboratories, library and learning centers at primary, secondary and senior secondary level are equipped with smart technology. Introduction of English language lab has helped in polishing the basic skills of listening speaking and understanding English language.

Clubs and creativity: KDB Eco School strives at spreading awareness about nature and its conservation. Eco friendly activities are frequently organized. Adoption of neighbourhood park is another step towards conserving resources. The students have a lot of potential in them and if it goes unrecognized at early ages then it may go waste. With this thought in mind the school has come up with ‘Abhivyakti’ – the learning center which helps in creating novel learning environment for the students where they learn in accordance with their ability and potential.

There are various clubs in the school namely Boosters (sports / yoga), Symphony (dance / music), Wizkid (computer), Crazy Bite (cooking), Tempest (dramatics), Eloquence (English), Incredibles (creative), Green Brigade (eco club), Picasso’s (art). Students are provided hands on experience and craft, theatre, dance, vocal and instrumental music by professionals. Over the years these classes have become extremely useful and popular.

Legacy of leadership: To boost a healthy spirit of competition among students the school follows “House System”. The four houses running in the schools are “Sadbhawana”, “Sanskriti”, “Satkarm” and “Sanskar”. Inter house competitions in various fields are held throughout the year to provide students opportunities to show their talent.

In order to inculcate a disciplined approach and leadership qualities among student school appoints prefectorial teams for primary wing and senior wing. A formal investigator ceremony is held every year to pass over the baton to new members of the team headed by the head boy and the head girl.

The school provides training in scout and guide by organizing camps regularly. It helps in developing self-reliance and unfailing discipline.


NCC girls unit for classes 8th and 9th under the flagship of 13 U.P. Girls Battalion NCC Ghaziabad has been providing the leadership skills since 2015. A batch of 50 girls undergoes a rigorous process of selection which has various steps including physical fitness test. To avail ‘A’ certificate the batch has to necessarily attend C.A.T.C. (combined annual training camp. An associate NCC officer (ANO) ensures the regularity of various activities throughout the session.

Student Support System: The career and guidance center knocks out all doubts and queries of the students while they are on the brink of choosing career for themselves. Eminent career counsellors and experts hold workshops and other interactive sessions to guide the students throughout the year on regular basis.

The school has a team of childcare professionals comprising of counsellors who look into individual needs of every students to give him / her social, mental and emotional stability.

Health and Well Being: Litchi Health Champ Program is an integrated health programme which aims to be the guardian of student’s health. This programme helps to keep a track of the emotional, physical, and psychological health of a child by regular health check-up’s, nutritional and psychological counselling along with medical advice from expert online and offline.


Games and Sports: The school lays a lot of emphasis on physical fitness hence games and sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. KDB public school has initiated a program in the school for all the classes, in which students get sufficient time in morning to practice and play various games. There are professional coaches who give specialized trainings on regular bases and various games and sports.


The school organizes the Nirmal Jyoti Bajaj Football Tournament to provide and encourage the young football players at school level. Every year this running trophy is received by the most deserving school team of Ghaziabad and NCR region.


Connecting Links: The school brings out the newsletter ‘Kaleidoscope” which reflects the myriad events and achievements of the school.


Nirmal Jyoti – The annual school magazine is a regular feature to showcase the oodles of talent and the kind of spirit that KDB inculcates in its students. It gives a platform to the students to exhibit their literary talent and express themselves.


Student Welfare: Financial constraints can never block the path of success. Fee concession for deserving students from various categories ensures a bright future for them. Following categories of students can avail financial concession only after the consent of the principal of the school.

• Low-income group
• Case of casualty / physically challenged
• Scholars above 90%
• Teachers ward / Staff ward
Students of class XI scoring according to the below outlined criteria will have to maintain the percentage to retain the scholarship. Only a downfall of 5% in each category is acceptable.
I. Category above 90%
II. Category 85 to 89.9%

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