Time passes at such an amazing speed where the interplay of decisions and actions leave a permanent mark on our life and personality.Each and every accomplishment and achievement is actually the testimony of our patience and passion.One who stands strong and committed, enjoys the sweet air of success, wins the love and blessing of all and thus receives the right recognition & reward. Dear children, each one of you, at this point of life is surrounded by many challenges. Your future planning, career options, pressure of study, terror of examination, concept clarification, the list is endless to leave you puzzled and confused, but remember the ability to handle all complicated tasks comes from the strength of your character. The art of saying no to pseudo attractions and the science of making maximum use of available resources will simplify the utter confusion and will open new vistas of knowledge and wisdom. So… have faith in the ultimate power that lies within you and strive for a better and bright future.

Mrs. Nivedita Rana
K.D.B. Public School, Ghaziabad