“Pajama Party, a party for children who spend the night at the house of a friend”


On 19th July, pre-primary wing of KDB organized a Pajama party for its students to enjoy some memorable moments with their friends. The school organized several interactive games which were brainteaser for students along with the fulfilled activities.


We started the day with special assembly. Several games like Pillow race, Spin the Fun Wheel, Coke Laachi, etc. were introduced which helped to increase self-expression of children and prove to be a better way of learning along with fun. We encouraged all children to participate in dance which helped them to understand the cultural mix and develop a candid nature. Students were invited to come in similar attire (T-shirt, pajamas and slippers) so that they may look alike a chorus and enjoy with each other. Teachers narrated bed time stories to the children to cultivate learning and feeling of imagination, and making reading as habit for lifetime.


“Sometimes, you will never know the true value of moment and it becomes a memory, so it’s the time to celebrate”- with this feeling in our mind , we asked students to bring several thing such as soft toy, small pillow through which they were able to create their stories. We also demonstrated and made them learn different habits such as brushing teeth and steps of hand washing. We received overwhelming response from parents that their kids are practicing these actives in daily routine and have learnt a lot from this party.


Hence school always wants to be part of such activities (educational and social learning) on regular basis for proper development of students.

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