KDB Public school organised a fun based activity TOPYA (Talent optimization platform from youth to adult) for the student of class VI and VII on 13 Dec’ 2018.


The activity fun sports i.e. Gamification of fun physical activities for children is a unique approach to make them mentally alert and physically active. The resource person sensitized and motivated the students to become physically active during their free time after school through engaging them in fun sports activities. With these activities the students learned to focus and become self-challenging.


The students whole heartedly welcomed the organisers. The fun-based activity included dribble the ball- dribble the cone and complete the circle, Infinity loop, Hulla hoops, Neck stoll walking, single foot skipping , T. T. ball tapping, Low cycling. The students participated in the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. It was a learning experience for the children. Activity fun academy helps to transform an inactive lifestyle into physically active one.

The presence of the Director Mrs. Bimla Saini , the Principal Mrs. Nivedita Rana and Vice Principal Mrs. Namrata Dubey glorified the event and motivated them.

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