Since its establishment in 1950, K.D.B Public School has developed a reputation for excellence in all areas of student endeavour. A strong academic emphasis is complemented by opportunities in student leadership, creative activity sports and technology based education.
K.D.B Public School has proved to be a leader in child's education with the aim to prepare the young children to be life long learners and global citizens. All the students are encouraged to be active participants in school related activities .Our school life is based upon respect for oneself, for others and for the environment. We have been working with the Mission ``To impart education in the real sense i.e in its multidimensional aspect and at the same time training young minds to develop as assets to the society``.
The teacher's provide the students with many extensive curricular opportunities so that the students may develop their talents and gain maximum enjoyment from school.

SINCE 1950

K.D.B. Public School, one of the most prestigious schools of the city, was founded by Mrs. Kesari Devi Bajaj in 1950. The K.D.B. Montessori School which started in a rented building, rose brick by brick and gained credibility and popularity, largely due to the personal efforts put in by chairman Mr. Naresh Kumar Bajaj. Past 65 years have been a period of constant dedication. From a rented Montessori School, the institution has achieved surging progress in all dimensions viz its location, building, infrastructure and And academic. In this glorious journey of K.D.B exemplary growth, the fore sightedness and the devotion of MRS Kesari Devi Bajaj cannot be overlooked.
Recent year have witnessed the enormous effort put by the new dedicated family of K.D.B., which strive for Excellence, seeks new vistas, find novel goals and never yeilds to hurdles or challenges that come their way. We believe in imparting meaningful and quality education to our students. Reinforcing moral training and need for social service are also the cherished goals.

Great Infrastructure

KDBPS provides a wonderful lush green campus with an area of 7529 sq meter. The school is spread in an area of 7529 sq m comprising of three blocks of three storeys each. Every floor has two well equipped staff rooms. There are different labs as per the requirement of the subjects. Abhivyakti lends a breath of fresh air to the students by providing them the opportunities to be creative and innovative. KDB becomes the 1st school of Ghaziabad to have seismic retro fitting. This would ensure the safety and security of every child and staff members within the school in case of any emergency related to disaster.

Grow Smarter

KDBPS provides platform for students to grow their skills apart from studies. Extra co-curricular activities throughout the year makes students of KDBPS more active and talented.
'NIIT nguru quickschool'is an integrated and comprehensive education resource planning solution that span across all functional requirement and departments of the institution. The product aims to minimise the gap between the parents and the school by empowering them with various techno Savvy facilities and other real time data management which include fees , examination, attendance, lesson plans etc. A unique login ID and password is given to all parent / students on web based application to access information anywhere , anytime.
LITCHI health champ programme is an integrated health program which seems to be the guardian of the students health. This program helps to keep track of the emotional, physical and psychological health of the child by regular health checkups, nutritional and psychological counselling along with medical advice from expert online and offline.
Smart boards installation of smart boards has also brought about Revolutionary changes in teaching - learning environment.


Summer Vacations 2019

K.D.B. Public School Ghaziabad
May 28, 2019

The school will remain closed for students from 31st May 2019. The school reopens on 1st July 2019 as per regular schedule.



K.D.B. Public School Ghaziabad
May 10, 2019

Many Congratulations to all our students for achieving 100% results in CBSE Board Examinations 2019.


Book & Uniform Vendor

K.D.B. Public School
May 10, 2019

Books will be available from Teotia Book House Shop A-311, Opp Uttam Girls School, Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad. (Mobile – 9871139580, 9999567684, 9810567494). School uniform is available at Vastra Lok, RDC Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad.


Admissions Open

K.D.B. Public School
April 25, 2019

Admissions for class XI for the session 2019 - 20 are open.



Chairman's Message

Children are designed to learn. The first few lessons with which a child's' mind need to be irrigated...
Mr. N. K. Bajaj

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Director's Message

The present age is undergoing a metamorphosis in values and in mindsets.....
Mrs. Bimla Saini

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Principal's Message

We at KDB understand that the parents are the first educators of their children and with our passion........
Mrs. Nivedita Rana

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Our Vision

K.D.B. is an institution providing effective leadership, professional staff and an environment conducive to holistic development of every child.

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