KDB School

From Principals's desk

Globalization has brought us together to share a common destiny-- where cultural, socio-economic and geo-political boundaries are non-existent, making us a part of an intricate pattern of the beautiful tapestry that life and civilization have to offer. Our differences fade out but remain an inherent part of the complete form– like the threads of different colours and textures which combine to form a flawless masterpiece.

Our mission is to create global citizens who admire the beauty of life and accept that when we develop intercultural respect and understanding, when we are united and work together to overcome the most pertinent issues threatening the world today--global warming, climate change, water scarcity, disappearing eco systems and now the pandemic…. only then shall we be able to save our planet – our home. When our children are taught to dream big, they think not of their own homes, families, friends and country, but of the well-being of the entire human race.

We are here to provide opportunities for children to step beyond the confines of classroom learning, empower them to think independently and to inculcate in them self-discipline, courage, strength of character and leadership, respect towards others and the environment, and enable them to make a positive and enduring difference to the lives of others.

We share a dream, a vision-- with the next generation… to know where we’re going and why… to begin each day with a sense of purpose and end each day with the knowledge that we’ve done our best towards what we intended to. The commendable Class X and XII results bear testimony to the fact that we are moving in the right direction. The school with its commitment to provide individual attention, inclusive education clubbed with multiple intelligences, enrichment strategies, implementation of key competencies and a multi-sensory approach to learning has helped enhance every student’s performance to reach its full potential not only in scholastic but also in sports and co-scholastic activities.

I wish all the best to all my dear children to remind them that they share a responsibility-- to carry forward the legacy of determination, discipline and diligence to take our lives to newer heights in the years to come. Don’t forget the words of Harold Taylor while you move forward-

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best you can.”

Mrs. Nivedita Rana,


K.D.B. Public School, Ghaziabad