All round development means mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, and vocational development. KDB clubs enhance learning through interaction and discussion. Every activity carried out by the club is to cultivate a different perception of life. Our students get an opportunity to showcase and groom their talents. The aim is to offer holistic education by balancing academics with extra-curricular activities. Our syllabus is planned to make learning less stressful for students. These various club activities are carried out by students under the guidance of teacher-in-charge. Activities carried out in the school are:

  • Boosters for Sports / Yoga: Leaves positive effect on the nervous system and brain. Provides relaxation and improves health.
  • Symphony for Dance / Music: Helps build motor skills, control body movement and voice modulation.
  • Wizkid for Computers: Gives a platform to students where they learn about technology.
  • Crazy Bite for Cooking: Teaches basic life skill and demotivates them to eat readymade food from market.
  • Tempest for Dramatics:  Helps children learn through play, fun and teamwork.
  • Eloquence for English: Gives children an open door to the world and help them communicate better making them global citizen.
  • Incredibles for Creative:  Allows students to innovate, create and stimulate their imagination.
  • Green Brigade for Eco Club:  Connects children with the natural world giving them a chance to learn about plants, their habitats, and natural processes.
  • Picassos for Art:  Enhances creativity and gives opportunities to put ideas into paper.
  • Space Research for Astronomy:  Explores the meaningful connections between mankind and the wider cosmos.
  • Head Over Heels for Gymnastics:  Builds strength and flexibility and improves self confidence and mental toughness.

These clubs are the platform for students to collaborate, learn and perform confidently and independently.