KDB School


A student is eligible to appear in the annual examination only if he/she has at least 75% attendance per month to his/her credit in the current session.

Leave is granted to a student only on an application addressed to the Principal and duly signed by the parents/guardian. It should be submitted on the same day or the day he/ she rejoins the school.

In case of illness, a genuine medical certificate must be attached with the application.

Repeated or unexplained absence for more than fifteen consecutive days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Readmission may be granted only after the consent of the Principal and on payment of full admission fee.

Leave Rules for Students

  • Leave application duly signed by the parents/guardians for any leave availed by the student must be sent to the school the same day or the very next day. The layout for the leave application is attached on the last page of the planner.
  • No Half Day Leave is permitted. In case of any family function or other programme, parents are requested not to send the child to the school. However leave application for the same must be sent to the school the same day or the very next day.
  • Leave on days of Unit test/Exams is granted only in case of extreme emergency/sickness. In such cases, it is mandatory for parents to send leave application in advance to the class teacher. The student, however, shall have to compensate for such absence in the next Unit test/Exam and shall not be given a chance for any Retest.
  • Children are expected to attend school regularly. Under affiliation bye-laws of the Central Board of Secondary Education, all students, especially those appearing in board exams the minimum attendance should be 75%. As such, no leave for absence is granted unless parents/guardians submit an application well in advance on solid and plausible ground for absence.
  • In case of sickness for any period of time, a Medical Certificate must be attached with the leave application.

If an unauthorized absence exceeds a period of 15 days it shall be presumed that the parents are not willing to send the child to the school and one month notice period required for T.C. shall start from the 16th day of such unauthorized absence and charges shall be levied accordingly. If the parents want the child to resume classes, it shall be done only with the permission of the school management along with payment of penalty of Rs. 1500/-