School Discipline

To reform the attitude of children indulging in aggressive and violent behaviour, following disciplinary measures are adopted by the school.

Verbal Warning is given for the following reasons:

1) Any type of unruly and objectionable behaviour, which includes shouting or loitering in the corridors, disobedience, habitual late coming, improper school uniform and breaking school norms. All these are considered to be grave acts of indiscipline.

2) Students are expected to take proper care of school property. Students causing damage to school property will be fined.

3) Students are expected to observe high standards in their, general dress up, deportment and conduct. Any type of violent or aggressive behaviour or use of foul language is a punishable act. Verbal warning will be followed by counselling and then written warning.

Yellow Card:

Careless and untidy work in academics, lack of punctuality,wearing improper school uniform over a period of time, unsatisfactory performance in tests will lead to the issue of a yellow card.

Red Card:

If the student does not show any sign of improvement even after repeated instructions, this may lead to the issue of the Red Card which means expulsion of the student from school on disciplinary grounds.