A Visionary, Madam Kesari Devi Bajaj brought a revolution in the arena of education by establishing KDB Public School in 1950 with clear yet strong goals of empowering young children through training and teaching so that they could build a society based on self-reliance and equality. The KDB Montessori School with minimum basic facilities was soon converted into a giant educational trademark due to the personal efforts put in by the Chairman Mr. Naresh Kumar Bajaj. The far-sightedness and devotion of Madam Kesari Devi Bajaj clubbed with the practical approach and sincerity of Mr. Naresh Kumar Bajaj could establish a multidimensional educational institution named KDB Public School, which today is one of the most prestigious schools of the city and NCR.

Recent years have witnessed the enormous efforts put up by the dedicated staff of KDB, who strives for excellence, seeks new vistas, finds novel goals that come their way. We believe in imparting meaningful and quality education to our students. Reinforcing moral training and need for social service are also the cherished goals. An institution like KDB is well aware of the fact that for multidimensional education and meaningful exposure to the world, the school should be a perfect example of architectural genius and modern amenities. The newly constructed four storied building equipped with elevators, micro-phones for enhanced connectivity, systematic playing and recreational areas, Techno savvy library and many such facilities make school a real cozy and comfortable home for the learners.

The culture, ethics and values of KDB school ensures all round development of the individual by giving a fair exposure to the innovative and meaningful activities throughout the academic session. The basic pillars of KDB school stands upon the following heads.

Vision: KDB is an institution providing effective leadership, professional staff and an environment conducive to the holistic development of every child.

Mission: To impart education with multi-dimensional aspects and train young generation to develop them as valuable assets to the society.

Values: At KDB we help children to grow with high values, good character, moral integrity and the knowledge and skills of good citizens. Thought of the day presented by the students, devotional songs, the school prayer, patriotic songs sung during morning assembly are intended to help students learn the basic human values. An attitude of self-belief and sense of responsibility always remain a major area of focus while imparting quality education to the students. Imbibing moral values is a part of the school programme where children get a chance to interact and discuss its implication. Teacher guardian interactions also help to enhance the character of the students

Culture: To be successful, a student should remain closely rooted to his culture. Students imbibe cultural and social values through different Inter-house activities. Under SPIC MACAY a number of programmes are organized every year which help the students develop an understanding of rich culture and traditions of their country.