Mr. A.K. Bagga, Manager | KDB Public School

KDB School


KDB Public School has completed 3/4th of a century of existence, consistently setting benchmarks of excellence and innovation.

The vision was to build a unique school, one that has a harmonious blend of values, academic excellence and a never before experienced holistic growth of each child, facilitated by a robust academic, arts and sports curriculum. The school is now living up to this vision, where each student has his or her true potential unlocked through love, commitment and a push towards excellence.

KDB Public School has its deep roots in the field of education in the city of Ghaziabad and I feel proud and privileged to be a member of this family. The students come here with a great hope and vision and achieve their dreams. The aim of the school has always been to bring out the best in the students and make them better citizens.

I congratulate team KDB for being instrumental in facilitating the students to reach the pinnacle of success.

A.K. Bagga

Mr. A.K. Bagga,


K.D.B. Public School, Ghaziabad