Transfer Certificates

Withdrawal of a student from the school is necessitated under certain circumstances within the student's family or in the school itself. The norms followed in this respect are given below.

If a student needs to be withdrawn from the school, the parents/guardians of that student must serve an intimation letter in writing one month in advance, failing which all school charges for a month in lieu of the notice period will be charged.

Parents may also be told by the school authorities to withdraw their ward's name from the school's roll on academic or disciplinary grounds including submission of false information to the school at the time of admission or during the year. Disciplinary action may even involve rustication. The principal's decision in such matters is final.

Misbehaviour on the part of parents/guardians with any member of the school staff may also lead to withdrawal of the student from the school. Transfer Certificate (TC) on withdrawal is issued only after all the school dues are cleared by the parent/guardian.

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