The school runs its own buses from the various parts of the city of Ghaziabad and other places to provide proper connectivity to the students.

Rules For Transportation

1. In case of any problem or any mishap the parents are advised to avoid any altercation with drivers and conductors. Parents should immediately contact the school authorities either in person or through telephonic conversation. The school will ensure appropriate action in such circumstances.
2. For any doubt/query, parents are expected not to rely on any information that they may get from drivers and conductors. For any information related to the school and their ward they should contact the school directly.
3. Any act of vandalism such as breaking window panes,tearing and cutting of seat covers, defacing the interior of the bus and any other related offence will result in heavy penalty and expulsion.
4. Parents are requested to study the specified routes and opt for the one which suits them the best. Please remember that it is not possible to Cater to the individual requirements at the cost of time and distance.